Friday, July 4, 2008

How to Install the MAP Sensor Enhancer

In the past I have asked the same question and it was answered for me by Mr. Minton. Now a man named Eric has asked the question of me and I promised to post the following information here. I am placing a copy/paste of Mr. Minton's instructions to me - as well as a diagram that I created and he kindly corrected for me: copy/paste begins - There are three wires coming out of the MAP Sensor. One is the Ground, one is the 5 volt Sensor Power, and the third is the MAP Sensor Signal to the Car's computer, the ECM. You cut the third wire and splice each end to the MAP Sensor Enhancer according to your instructions.

There are three wires coming out of the MAP Sensor Enhancer. One is Black; connect this to a wire that is attached to your cars frame or similar location. The other two wires are spliced onto the two ends of your MAP Sensor. The Red wire connects to the MAP Sensor signal wire and the Brown wire connects to the wire going to the ECU. When connecting the Enhancer be sure the dials are set to "0". Once you have it installed, turn the lower switch to "Enhanced" and the upper switch to "City". Then slowly turn the "City" dial until your engine starts to sputter, then turn the dial back 1/4 turn.

The following website will explain everything you need to know about the installation. Also, you will need to add an Oxygen Sensor Extender to your O2 Sensor. If you have duel exhausts, you will need two. Your O2 Sensor is located on your exhaust manifold before the catalytic converter. - copy/paste ends

If anyone else has anything to add or subtract from this please do so as a comment for everyone to see and benefit from.

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